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It has been a while since we reviewed one of our products for you guys. So, we thought it would be a great idea to take a look at a dark night product that has been slowly gaining more popularity throughout this year.  

Back in July, BEAUTIBI was one of the sponsors for KCON LA's beauty community meetup that was hosted by bloggers Kayla (@peachkao) and Muriel (@thebeautybalance). Our Simplistic Supreme Salve was one of the products included in our sponsor set and Kayla decided to share some pictures of some amazing progress on her skin after using the Salve for just 2 months. Thank you so much to Kayla for being brave enough to share your photos and skincare journey. Please head over to her beautiful account on Instagram and follow her if you love skincare (and the occasional dose of kpop!). 

Beauty blogger and Instagrammer, Kayla (@peachkao) has used the salve for 2 months and this was her progress. Thank you to Kayla for sharing your photos with us! 

kayla1 kayla2
kayla3kayla5 kayla4kayla6

*Results may vary from individual to individual, depending on skin type, environmental factors and diet. This is just an example of one case. 

Have you tried the Supreme Salve yet? Simplistic is our MVP brand of 2017, as this indie brand has started to become a favorite of many, with their amazing low pH cleanser and simple products that work. Make sure to check out the products on the website for more info about this line. 

Do you have a skincare journey story you would like to share with us? Let us know and we may feature you in our next post!

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November 23, 2017


Beautibi Black Friday 2017

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October 30, 2017


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Open House!

September 27, 2017


beautibi open house event

107 logo

We love getting to know brands on a different level, so we decided to create a brand series to feature the different companies we work with at BEAUTIBI. Korean brand, 107 ONEOSEVEN, is a community favorite and we invited Chloe Kwok, the co-founder of ONEOSEVEN, to do an account takeover on our Instagram Live.

One of the things we love about ONEOSEVEN was their creative idea of taking a simple ingredient like vinegar, and using it to formulate different products that were beneficial to the skin. Chloe covered many key points ranging from the creation of ONEOSEVEN, to her daily skincare routine, as well as a peek into new products. If you missed the live replay, have no fear because we have all the questions answered below.

Q: How was ONEOSEVEN created?

CK: As many of you already know, our mother company, Hanega, is a vinegar company. Hanega is the largest naturally fermented vinegar brewery in Korea and it has a long history. The vinegar is currently made by Ok Ran Chung, a pharmacist and the 35th generation of Shin’s family. The vinegar masters at the Hanega brewery have amazing skin and good health. Regardless of their age, their skin is glowing and very healthy. Hanega’s naturally fermented vinegar can give lots of benefits to the skin such as anti-aging, rejuvenating skin, and delaying signs of aging. Throughout many years of studies, ONEOSEVEN was created.

107 banner  photo credit: 107 ONEOSEVEN

Q: What are some health benefits of vinegar?

CK: There are both health and beauty benefits from vinegar.

Health benefits from vinegar 

  • indigestion
  • improve immune system
  • lowers blood sugar levels and improve symptoms of diabetes
  • can kill many types of bacteria
  • weight loss
  • lowers cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart diseases
  • may have protective effects against cancer
  • improves overall skin tone and texture
  • decreases Oxygen Free Radicals
  • provides essential amino acids into body

It is important to note that only naturally fermented vinegar can give these benefits.

Vinegar received 3 NOBEL prizes by 5 different people because of these benefits, and it has been scientifically proven.

Beauty benefits from vinegar 

Contains 7 essential amino acids including citric, acetic, and malic acids, and lots of vitamins inside of vinegar. This helps to:

  • soothe and restore balance of the skin
  • rejuvenate the skin and delays signs of aging

→ this is why ONEOSEVEN received 1st prize in anti-aging cosmetic brand award at anti-aging expo.

  • prevents acne and pimples
  • fades age spots
  • removes toxins from your skin
  • fights the appearance of cellulite
 photo credit: 107 ONEOSEVEN

Q: What is your skincare routine like and do you have any tips to prevent anti-aging?

CK: I don’t really have a secret. I would say that my routine is very simple. Since I’m a certified esthetician, I do lymph massage time to time. I make sure my skin is clean and try not to touch my face during the daytime (even retouch).

I clean my face with the 107 white soap which is suitable for my skin type. I’m super dry and sensitive. On a special occasion when I put eye makeup, I use cleansing oil to remove color and use white soap to remove dirt and any unnecessary oil from my face. I know our soap is bit high in PH, but I want to make sure my skin is clean. Our vinegar soap contains natural ingredients and has great formulas.

107 soaps

 photo credit: 107 ONEOSEVEN

For every step of my skincare, I take extra time for better absorption. I remembered Ashley Hasegawa, the Editor in Chief of Beaut Chat, talked about absorption which is very important. I put toner first (at least 2~3 layers). Between layers, there is a time gap to ensure that each layer is well absorbed.

I also use these 107 products in my daily routine:

Essential Liquid

This contains no water. So the spray is a bit stronger because the molecule is bigger than water. I make sure the liquid essence is well absorbed to my skin by pressing them with my hand.

Cream Essence

This takes time to be absorbed. I roll it on my face as if I’m massaging my face. I put this around my eyes, mouth and neck as well. Also, don’t forget to put the leftovers on your hand on your elbow and knee.

Hydro Rich cream

Most of our skincare is for all skin type. Oily skin doesn’t mean well hydrated. Putting what kind of hydration is very important to all skin type. Hydration is something different. I believe well balanced hydration is very important.

Lastly, I drink vinegar in the evening to remove everything that I ate throughout the day.

Plus, I had severe eczema so I drink vinegar to boost my immune system.


Q: Now that summer is over, how can I keep my skin moisturized for a longer period of time in the fall and winter?

CK: I add one more step to my skincare during the winter. I put an extra layer of Essential Liquid on the last step to protect my skin from dryness. Sometimes I pat a little bit of oil around my mouth area when my skin is really dry. I try to balance the hydration and heavy oil typed moisturizer because if you put too much oil based moisturizer, your skin might feel too heavy and start to get tiny bumps all over your face.

Q: Does ONEOSEVEN make any hair products or sleeping packs?

CK: Since it takes a long time to formulate the products, we don’t have full line of skincare. We want to ensure that we deliver high quality products to our customers. It takes a long time for us to make just one product.

Q: How is it like being a woman owner in the cosmetic industry?

CK: As you know, many of cosmetic companies are owned by men. It’s very competitive and tough (especially in Korea since there are so many brands), but it’s really fun!

Q: Do you have any new products coming out?

CK: Yes. You can find our Rose Vinegar Water at Beautibi very soon!

The two key ingredients are Rose water & Vinegar. Those two ingredients will fresh and balance the skin tone. Rose water helps to reduce the redness of irritation or upset skin. Rose water and vinegar helps hydrate, revitalize, and moisturize the skin.

Due to its antibacterial properties, both rose water and vinegar aid in cleansing pores and even in healing wounds. It strengthens skin cells and regenerates skin tissue so this is a great product to use after you cleanse your face.

This is how I use it:

1st layer for toning & refreshing

2nd layer for nourishing & hydrating

new pink, feminine and rose packaging

Q: What are some benefits of the feminine body soap?

CK: The main ingredient is mugwort vinegar. In Korea, 찜질방, or a public sauna is very popular. There is “mugwort steam zone,” where they boil the mugwort and you sit on it to infuse the mugwort steam.  It’s great for hygiene and helps to restore the woman’s natural monthly cycle.

Feminine soap also helps to cure razor bumps and remove tiny sebum or oil bags. Jude (aka @Fiddysnails) and I experienced this from feminine soap. This is because the vinegar reduces dirt, unnecessary oils, and toxins from the skin.

I don’t really put body lotion after using feminine soap because it has a great amount of moisturization. In Korea, once you get pregnant, women change from liquid to bar soap because liquid soap contains too much. They want to use a safe ingredient soap. I used to get pimples on my back. My mom thought I didn’t rinse my hair enough. However, my dermatologist told me that my body skin is just dehydrated and told me not to use any types of liquid soaps. (This product is going to be available on BEAUTIBI soon!)

107 banner black

 photo credit: 107 ONEOSEVEN

Thank you to Chloe for taking the time to talk about ONEOSEVEN on our Instagram Live! You can now find their new product, the Rose Water Vinegar, for preorders on the BEAUTIBI website. We hope to feature another brand very soon, so make sure you’re following our Instagram account and Facebook page for all the updates. Do you have a brand you would like to hear about? Leave a comment or suggestion below!

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