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January 29, 2016


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lunar new year celebration at beautibi

If you are on our mailing list, you have received our Lunar New Year Specials! Lots of exciting things happening for this year's Fire Monkey celebration. One thing we forgot to mention in our e-mail is our raffle giveaway. For all purchases in increments of $20, you will be entered into a raffle to win our last MasKingdom Blackfaced Spoonbill gift set which contain Metropolitan masks. Good luck!

Let's get to the rest of the exciting announcements!


Maskingdom Red Envelope promotions

The most exciting part of our celebrations (in my opinion) is our Lucky Envelope giveaway. Each envelope contains a mystery gift, with various values between $5 and $20, free shipping and other gifts. These are limited in quantities and will be given with any purchase over $35. And plus the most beautiful red envelope ever. 

Annie's Way Secret Garden Box sets

We also have lots of different variety sets for the Lunar New Year celebrations. These may or may not last after 02/08/16, but for now, let's delve into the the gorgeous packaging of Annie's Way Secret Garden series.

NEW Annie's Way Secret Garden Series promotion: Purchase 3 boxes of new Annie's Way Secret Garden Series and get Annie's Way variety jelly sampler pack for free.

MasKingdom Spoonbill Gift Box

For those of you who loved this Blackfaced Spoonbill gift box, but didn't win it in our past giveaways, here's a great way to get one for yourself. 

SPECIAL LUNAR NEW YEAR PROMOTION FOR MASKINGDOM: Purchase any 12 MasKingdom masks and get this beautiful black-faced spoonbill gift box set for free. 
Put the box in your shopping cart and use code: CNYGIFTBOX

This box is extremely limited in quantity, so get it while you can. Also remember, the 12 masks can be any kind.

naruko rose mask

Naruko masks have come to BEAUTIBI and we are very excited! These masks are from Taiwan and offer great quality for affordable prices. We have 5 different types of Naruko masks and the famed Naruko Gelly masks will be coming soon.

So, are you excited about these promotions? Is there anything we can do better? Let us know!

happy fire monkey year!

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