Weekend Flash Sales!

February 20, 2016


We are always thinking of new ways to spice things up at BEAUTIBI, so we have decided to include some special sales for different products. They will last for just the weekend, but be sure to check them out in our SALE section, or browse the site and look for the SALE tag.

This weekend, we have put the L'HERBOFLORE Oriental Herbs Collection on sale for just $32 for a set of 7 masks. 

eight elixir mask

We also have a few other L'Herboflore masks on sale for this weekend, like the Rose Water Refining mask and the Hyalupeptide 3D Mask and some fun ones like the Lychee and Orchid masks.

Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to learn about new releases as we have lots of fun and new things coming. Have a great weekend!

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