Chinese Herbs and Lots of Goodness!

March 01, 2016


l'herboflore oriental herbs collection banner

One of our most popular sheet mask sets is L'Herboflore's Oriental Herbs Collection, which comes with 7 different masks containing ingredients from ginseng to pearl and and soy milk (a store favorite!). These masks have double protective layers, one is a pearl backing and one is a blue woven sheet. I usually remove the pearl backing first and apply mask to my face, adjusting as necessary and then removing the blue cover. But you can do this in any way you like, just remember to remove both protective backings. 

L'herboflore Eight Elixir

These masks are incredibly thin (thus the reason for double protective layers) and are easy to get stretched out of shape, so apply with care when you are making your adjustments. These masks will dry out quicker than a thicker silk mask loaded with slippery essence (hello, MasKingdom!) but they feel like second skin and great for quick fixes. 

For a more detailed review of all of the masks in this collection, be sure to check out this blog post from blogger, Unboxing Beauty!

Have you tried these masks? Do you have a favorite?

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