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March 09, 2016


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We are blooming into wedding season and we decided to launch some ultra luxe and glam items to make your gift shopping ideas a little easier! 

This week we introduced a charming and sexy lace mask set from MasKingdom, which is truly "Fit for Queen". We think it makes the most precious gift for any budding bride to be, as it contains 4 facial masks, 4 eye masks, 4 breast masks and 6 lip masks. All the wonderful masks to get you beautiful and refreshed in time for your big day. 

MasKingdom Fit for Queen Lace Mask Set

But not everyone is a bride in waiting, and we can't argue that this wouldn't make the most glamorous treat yo self gift! We also have all the masks sold separately without the gift box in case you want a little indulgence without committing to masks you don't need. All singles will also include 1 free lip mask from the same collection. We are super interested in the lace chest mask - how often do you hear those words? 

MasKingdom Lip Mask Set

And diving right into luxury is our newest product from L'Herboflore from their Flora line, the Ultimate Perfecting Essence. And ultimate it is, with 10 vials of essence in this set.

L'herboflore Flora Ultimate Perfecting Essence

The Flora Perfecting Essence uses extracted organic French roses and the energy of beautiful flowers to target the root cause of aging. The Flora Essence will improve rough and uneven skin, while improving skin elasticity and using anti-aging properties to reveal an age-less you.

Our beauty boxes have always made wonderful gift ideas, and we would love to offer the opportunity for you to customize your own beauty box with items from our store! With a minimum purchase of 3 boxes and at least 5 items, you can get 15% off the total cost of what it would cost to purchase your items separately. It's still an idea we are thinking through, so if this is something that would interest you, feel free to contact us!

wedding suite at beautibi

That wraps up this week's launch of new and fabulous items but we have so much more coming, so make sure you sign up for our mailing list to stay in the know! Do these luxe items interest you? How do you feel about customizing your own gift beauty box? Let us know in the comments!

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