Beautibi Tip: Masking Mondays

June 08, 2015


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Masking Mondays Beauty Tip

Masking is a great way to start off a busy week! It's a simple and easy way to end your skincare routine at night. I like to use a facial mask after cleansing and toning. Toning isn't required but I always feel it helps the essence from the mask soak into my skin more effectively.

Most masks will ask you to leave it on between 15-20 minutes. The most important thing to remember is not forgetting to remove it at the 20 minute mark. This is definitely a case when longer is not better. After the maximum allotted time, the mask will start drinking the moisture back from your skin, and your efforts will be wasted and your skin will be even more dry than before you started your routine! Do not let this happen! 

On a happier note, with all the masks on the market right now, a lot of companies put a lot of focus on packaging to attract attention from busy shoppers. Besides packaging, another way to separate high-quality masks and lower-quality masks is in the essence and material of the mask itself. This is the reason why I have chosen Maskingdom, a Taiwan boutique skincare and mask company, to use in the BeautibiBox. Their masks are one of the best on the market, focusing on all natural ingredients. The mask itself is made of Japanese silk and is very soft and sits right on the line between not being too thin and not too thick. The popular brand is one of my favorites coming out of Taiwan. The All Hail and Yes, Summer boxes will include 2 different lines from Maskingdom. Don't forget to take a look and purchase them before they're gone!

Read a more detailed list on how to make sure you are making correctly.

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July 17, 2015

Hi! Thanks for your comments! Generally, when you look at your skincare lineup (after cleanser), you should use them in order of lightest formula to heaviest. For example, you should use a toner, which is almost like water, essence, emulsion, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer as your last step (only if you are using all these products). For masking days, after cleaning, I use a toner and then apply my mask. I skip essence and serum and sometimes I will use a lighter moisturizer as my last step.

I think the terms “essence” and “serums” get confused sometimes, but essentially your face mask is soaked in essence, which is thicker than your toner but probably lighter or about the same as your serum but not heavier. Hope this helps!


July 16, 2015

Hi! Great post! I just wanted to clarify, is the proper order: cleanse (and gentle exfoliation if I can remember), first essence, toner, mask, serum, emulsion, cream..
This is how I usually mask but i heard of people doing toner, essence, mask, emulsion, etc… But this seems redundant with essence to me.

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