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July 30, 2015


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Did you know we have an "About the Brand" page on the website dedicated to certain brands sold on Beautibi's website? One of the brands that we love at Beautibi is Taiwanese company, MasKingdom, which is seen in some of Beautibi boxes. The reason why we chose MasKingdom as the first facial mask company we wanted to work with was because of their dedication to using safe ingredients, from the serum and mask to even the ink printed on their packaging. It is also the only beauty company chosen by the Taiwanese government to gift to government officials. Keep reading to learn more about MasKingdom


maskingdom taiwan no 1 facial mask company


maskingdom metropolitan series face mask sheets

The best beauty treasures for aristocratic ladies and socialites to attend important occasions. A treasure comparable to nest soup; it is the key element for success when refined ladies need to attend important event within a short period/space of time.

I Wish

maskingdom i wish series facial mask sheets

Soothing your skin with essential oil and natural extracts, I wish series offers you not only natural skin care, but also spreading best wishes to whoever use it.  To make life more essential through caring for your skin, by hoping for a more youthful skin by wishing for both mental and physical integration.

See what this Beauty Blogger had to say about MasKingdom. We are still adding to the About the Brand page, so keep checking back! If there's a company that you would like to see products from, let us know!

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