Are you overloading your skin?

August 24, 2015


Recently, I have been reading and researching a lot of beauty related things, and I noticed on Reddit there was a thread that questioned peoples' "over indulgence" on beauty products. There seemed to be a lot of flack for the person who started the topic but it really struck a chord with me because it's something that I think about from time to time, especially when I see pictures and write ups on hauls from Asia, hauls from online, or even hauls from the supermarket.  

I admit that I am skincare and makeup obsessed. I love trying new things and I don't mind testing everything on myself. This is the best way for me to know what is suitable for Beautibi and what isn't. Even though we all have different types of skin, I think the majority of us can appreciate good products with quality ingredients, no matter the skin type. 

So, it's not completely surprising when my skin starts acting up from using too many different products and brands. My telling signs are mini breakouts or allergic reactions. I have fairly sensitive, combination/dry skin, and allergies usually occur on my cheeks first and then my forehead or chin. I try not to use too many new brands or products at one time and I try to use the product straight for a few days to a week, depending on how my skin is reacting. But usually, when I know which products are not working, I take them out of my rotation completely. Sometimes if the product is really terrible, I won't even wait a week and this just comes from "feelings." Most recently, this would apply to a product that has the packaging of one my favorite fruit of all time and looked super cute, but it was really terrible and is now dumped to the "cleanser turned hand wash" bin. 

As a beauty brand, I can't say I don't love all you beauties hauling from Beautibi's website, but I do want to point out that shopping responsibly and using your new loves carefully will minimize your skin from freaking out.


It's wise to introduce new products one by one so you can manage which products work for your skin and which ones do not. Reevaluate your skincare routine from time to time; look and really feel your skin. Bloggers and professionals can tell you what might work for your skin from a scientific and chemical point of view, but you are in your skin 24 hours a day for the rest of your life. If you learn to listen to your skin, you can hear your own solutions. Plus, they will be custom made because you know your skin best. :)

Do you love hauls? How do you introduce new products into your routine? Is this topic terrible? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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