What's your favorite type of mask?

August 27, 2015


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There are so many choices and different types of masks in the industry. The most common are sheet masks, which also range in the material it's made out of. There are cotton masks, silk masks, hydrogel and most recently, kelp. Then there are jelly masks, charcoal masks, rubber masks and overnight masks. The choices are endless, so how do you choose your favorite? 

my beauty diary tranexamic acid treatment mask

Personally, my favorite are Japanese silk sheet masks because I like the feel of the material on my skin, they're easy to unwrap from the packaging and usually they still feel moist even after 20 minutes. I like using jelly masks or charcoal masks when I feel my skin needs more "detoxing" but it is definitely messier. And hydrogel, due to the cost, are just a special treat for your skin once in a while!

annie's way jelly masks with spatula

I would like to say though that I have seen many selfies of people using a dark or charcoal mask which are supposed to "harden" on the face. And sometimes they are smiling! I would warn against doing any kind of face motion while using these type of masks to insure you are not adding wrinkles to your face. 

At Beautibi, we have a range of cotton to silk masks, jelly and overnight sleeping packs. We hope to get more products that appeal to all of you beautiful people! So, let us know! What type of mask or brand would you like to see Beautibi carry? How do you choose your favorite? 

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