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September 25, 2015


I'm super excited about the newest items we have from L'Herboflore! Though mask heavy, if you haven't noticed already, I love me some masks, so we are bringing you as many different flavors from L'Herboflore as possible. There was a slight hiccup in communications with our Taiwan rep at L'Herboflore so the Good Night Angel products, sleeping, apple and clay masks are extremely low quantity, which we may or may not restock. So if you love it, get it! And if you love it but miss out on it, let us know you want us to restock.

So, what's new? 

We have the Royal Countess Collection, which contains the Royal Bird's Nest Nourishing Mask and Royal Pearl Whitening Mask. Both contain extremely hydrating properties and is just pure luxury on your skin. The pearl mask is great to brighten, soften and nourish the skin. The bird's nest is great to enhance elasticity and and reduce wrinkles and is very popular in Taiwan due to people's love of bird's nest. There are 3 masks per box and each mask has 2 parts - top and bottom. 

We have also decided to introduce some of the masks from the Oriental Herbs series, which contain:

These masks focus on using traditional Chinese herbs that are used to condition and harmonize the body to enhance and enrich skin tone and complexion. Incorporating Chinese medicinal formulas used in the Imperial Palace to reveal a more beautiful you.

Lastly, we have added some additional "flavors" from the Garden of Venus Collection. Some of the new fruit additions are:

For a special promotion, we are including 5 different mini mask samples with any order $25 and over. These mini masks are usually used in-store to help you get an idea of what the mask feels like and to test the essence on your hand. You can even use this on your cheek or any area of your face to use as a patch test. Plus, they're just cute. See photos below for sizing.

We will include: 

  • MasKingdom Immortelle Mini Mask
  • L'Herboflore Marine Collagen 
  • L'Herboflore Sweety Strawberry (limited quantity)
  • L'Herboflore Rose Water
  • L'Herboflore Bio Cellulose 

maskingdom immortelle mini maskl'herboflore rose water mini maskl'herboflore and maskingdom mini mask comparison

This promo will last until 9/30 and as stated, the Sweety Strawberry is in limited quantity, so packets will be given until we run out. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to let us know! Email us, chat us or send us a message on Instagram! We are continuing to add the new items we listed above through the week so check back!

Happy masking :)

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