A Twilight Masquerade?

October 01, 2015


October is here! We have 2 new and exciting boxes this month that have captured this fun filled month. The themes are on different spectrums but will be mostly branded boxes with the company we recently started working with, LadyKin. We have some of their items in our store already and we are excited to introduce more great products from this Korean brand in our October boxes.

Our first box is Twinkle at Twilight which contains items that shimmer, and well, twinkle. 

Twinkle at Twilight Beautibi Box

Some of the items in this box contain:

This box contains 5 different items to help you transition from day to night. 

Our second box features 6 different items and 1 small bonus item which we have hinted a few times on our Instagram account. This box is a lighter side of our "Twinkle at Twilight" box, featuring items that are fun and bright, called "Garden Masquerade." The backstory to why I picked this theme goes back to my younger days when I used to have a life and went out at night. Halloween has never been a favorite holiday, but one year I decided to get a costume. What I came home with was the Chiquita Fruit Plate Girl. Not only banana, but this was an entire fruit plate with attached hat and frilly salsa dress. It was my first costume. And last. As my only Halloween costume memory, when I look back, it was fun and bright. Different from the typical dark and spooky. And I like fun and bright. So, Garden Masquerade it is. 

Garden Masquerade Beautibi Box

Some of the items will include:

  • LadyKin Affinitic Snail Cream + Bonus Mini Snail Cream (random)
  • Green Harmony Mask Packs (4)
  • LadyKin Blossom Blush in Luna Reddish

The mini snail cream is a bonus item and will be included in all "Garden Masquerade" box purchases for the month of October. EXTRA BONUS: From 10/1 to 10/10 any purchase of this box includes both mini snail cream and mini yam moisturizing gel! Get both mini snails and throw a #snailparty.

I'm incredibly excited about these 2 boxes for October! I hope they are well curated for all the Beautibi followers. Let me know what you think! Are you excited? Do any of the boxes sound interesting to you?

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