107 Premium Oriental Herb Soap

Type: Soap

Oriental Herb Soap  (100g)

Over 20 oriental medicine herbs are included in this soap to enlighten and brighten the skin. It helps both inner and outer layer of the skin to bring out the natural glow. Premium Facial Vinegar soap helps to clean the skin clearly and removes  any excess dirt. It is good for all skin type. 

  1. Wet soap and lather in hands until fluffy foam forms
  2. Wash face with foam
  3. Rinse off and continue with the rest of your skincare routine
  4. Keep soap in dry area when not in use (107 soaps are liquified soap, so it will melt easily if kept in moist areas)

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107 ONEOSEVEN products are 100% naturally formed which are unparalleled with chemically synthesized amino acid. 107 premium vinegar soaps contain over 20 different kinds of traditional oriental medicine ingredients to provide nourishment and to enhance inner and outer beauty of the skin. One of the unique aspects of 107 soaps, are that they are actually solidified liquid soap, so you get all the moisturizing benefits of traditional liquid soaps but in comfortable form of a bar. 


Made in Korea

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