From Farm to Face

The Tropic of Cancer passes through 16 countries around the earth, desert climate with little signs of life seems to be the destiny of these areas.

Nevertheless, the southern part of China and Taiwan emerges out of these dead-alive areas, with flourishing wood, appropriate amount of rainfall and prosperous harvest. Hence, we call the blessing island as "The Magical Green Belt of the Tropic".

From Face to Faith

Following the trails of seasons and the angles of the sunlight, 23.5°® explores the finest origin of natural resources in the blessing island, Taiwan.

- 23.5°N®

23.5N - A natural brand

Additive Free Skin Matters

  • Non artificial coloring, fragrance and alcohol • Non parabens preservatives
  • Non SLS, SLES mineral surfactant
  • No 1371 ingredients forbidden by European Union and are made of animal
  • No animal testing, cruelty-free

Simple Formula Less Stimulus

Simplifying varieties of ingredients in the formula indeed improve its efficacy by powering up each single percentage of the ingredients, while reducing the risk of skin allergy. Just as what we learn in cooking, artificial additives is needless to cover the fresh ingredients.

Fresh Made - Activated Nutrition Maximized

Direct delivery from origin ensures the activated nutrition of the crops grown in the field, and is ensured the fresh lifetime during the delivery.

  • Standard production environment, SGS testing report for aerobic plate count
  • Quality assurance on the stability of formula, cruelty test between -5°C~45°C temperature
  • Direct delivery of crops from origin, eco-friendly

23.5 is vegan & cruelty free. No animal ingredients are used in any of their products and the company complies with Halal standard.