Half Artist Good Night Creamy Linen Chocolate Soap

Type: Soap

Good Night

Good night soap Creamy Linen is made with natural oils and natural ingredients such as fresh Lavender floral water and oatmeal. These ingredients are great for deep cleansing and the moisturizing. Mild smell of Lavender will relax your mind and body at night. They are hand-made products and also hand-wrapped.


    Break into 2 pieces. Wet soap with water and foam gently. Can be used on face, body and hands. After use, store in dry area.


    Lavender floral water, Rose floral water, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Tea free soap base, Oatmeal, Lavender essential oil



    Half Artist is a lifestyle brand that seeks to inspire, guide and motivate people to live an organic lifestyle. Organic lifestyle means a healthy lifestyle. Their first step to encourage people to live in an organic way is to provide the finest quality of organic skin care, hair and body products. They use the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients with proven safety information.

    A ‘Natural Soap Collection’ was inspired by Nature, especially landscape, Half Artist has created a various natural packaging design. All products are inspired by Nature containing certified organic floral water. They use lavender and rosemary floral water, and it is all raised from Gangwon-do, Korea. All products are suitable for everyone! Soaps can be used for babies and members of the family with sensitive, dry or itching skin. All soaps are completely handmade with love.

    80g each

    Made in Korea

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