MasKingdom is a boutique Taiwanese company focused on using only safe, and effective facial mask free from alcohol, mineral oil, animal ingredients and parabens. Their combination of using local elements, culture, and artistic creativity has made them one of the most recognized and coveted brands in the world.

Japanese Silk Mask Material: We use all-natural Japanese silk fabrics that are skin-friendly, highly permeable, retains water well, and provides very good coverage. It fits the contours of a user’s face perfectly and rapidly permeates effective ingredients evenly into the depths of the skin, repairing the facial skin tissues.

Bamboo Fiber Facial Masks: Bamboo fiber masks are knitted using nano-scale bamboo carbon fibers, which possess diverse functions ranging from giving warmth, adjusting the moisture level, anti-odor, cleansing, and blocking infrared and electromagnetic waves. Not only do these masks cleanse and firm pores, they also enhance circulation, speeds up metabolism to excrete waste materials, so skin can efficiently return to a normal, balanced state. Repairing the skin and firming pores by accelerating the access of essence.

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This brand is cruelty-free and uses only natural ingredients. 

JANUARY 2017 UPDATE: All orders with 6 masks from the same series will include Spoonbill Bird Gift Box (until supplies last).