Nalda Around the World Candle - Grasse 3oz

Type: Candle

Nalda Around the World

Nalda Around the World is a new brand from Korea, started by Hani Oh. All of their beautiful items are handmade with love and expertise. These candles are made of 100% beeswax and essential oils. Spring 2017 version includes gorgeous pouch. The beautiful packaging would make a wonderful gift, as well as a nice treat to yourself!

nalda around the world introduction

Hani Oh, creative director, K-beauty & lifestyle blogger, published writer, contributor for magazines including Harpers Bazaar Korea, a leading advisor of perfume of the global K-pop star, EXO, and a perfume lecturer at an international jewelry brand J.Estina perfume and niche perfume boutiques.

  • NALDA AROUND THE WORLD delivers contents of moments. This is a niche fragrance and lifestyle brand that aims to deliver the moment of traveling to places and time. 
  • Scented candles are only made of essential oils and 100% pure beeswax. We are all aware of the high cost to make it, however, scented candles are mostly used inside.(People barely carry them out as far as we know. Hani has experience to go out with a scented candle when Hurricane Sandy, a destructive hurricane, hit NYC and the city was in deep darkness because of blackout.) Most of us light the scented candles to relax breathing deeply indoors. Thus all the ingredients should be from nature. 
  • All the perfumes and scented candles are proudly handmade.

Grasse: Lavender and Rosemary scent

- 3oz scented candle in a glass jar (burning time is approximately 13 hours in a room which is nearly 20 square meters)

- travel essay & brand introduction color printed in *Hanji paper

- a picture inside of the travel & brand introduction Hanji paper

*Haniji : The paper we use is called Hanji (handmade Korean paper) chosen for restoration of globe, a cultural asset of the Vatican City on April 27, 2015. Our Korean handmade paper deliver the texture and the wise culture of recording Korea to you. 

The pouch

The scent bag made with the ramie fabric in pastel toned colors was the bag our Korean is inspired by the scent bag our Korean ancestors carried in their daily lives since Hanbok(Korean traditional costume) didn't have a pocket so they put dry herbs in a detachable pouch for medical and aromatic use. Ramie fabric was the favorite fabric during summer in Korea. We chose this fabric to present the fresh texture of Korea alongside the colorful vision. 

3oz / 13 hours burn time

Handmade in Korea

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