EXCLUSIVE Nalda Around the World Fragrance + Tea Light Sample Kit

Type: Candle

Newly relaunched exclusive sample pouch!

Nalda Around the World

We create the energy of scent, not just a scent. Korean Handmade Niche Perfume

  • We use only essential oils for scented candles because they are not used on your skin but flown in the air inside of the room enclosed, It's not like a perfume, you wear the perfume and you walk and go out but you don't go out with a scented candle. Furthermore, essential oils deliver the aroma therapy effects.
  • For scented candles, only 100% pure beeswax is used to make our scented candles from Netherlands, even though it costs nearly three times more than other types and origins of wax. The wick is also beeswax coated. It is essential to us to concern the place you enjoy our scented candles. Most of times, we lit scented candle to relax indoor. Yes, that’s the reason, we lit the candles as well. Pure beeswax doesn’t produce any harmful chemicals while we breathe inside.  

    • Only use fine quality of essential oils since scented candles are used inside. 
    • Expect aromatherapy effects. 
    • 100% natural beeswax from Netherlands, beeswax coated wicks are used.
    • a travel picture & brand introduction on Hanji paper

Sample Kit

  • 2ml fragrance sample in glass bottle
  • fragrance sample scent on photo (please note: this sample set does not include the fragrance that can be used, but rather it is experienced through the photo.)
  • brand introduction on hanji
  • tealight

*Haniji : The paper we use is called Hanji (handmade Korean paper) chosen for restoration of globe, a cultural asset of the Vatican City on April 27, 2015. Our Korean handmade paper deliver the texture and the wise culture of recording Korea to you.

The pouch

The scent bag made with the ramie fabric in pastel toned colors was the bag our Korean is inspired by the scent bag our Korean ancestors carried in their daily lives since Hanbok(Korean traditional costume) didn't have a pocket so they put dry herbs in a detachable pouch for medical and aromatic use. Ramie fabric was the favorite fabric during summer in Korea. We chose this fabric to present the fresh texture of Korea alongside the colorful vision. 


NALDA around the world, the Korean handmade niche perfume, is a brand presenting the world of scent based on the culture of Korea. The scent was used not only as an cosmetic way, but also as a spiritual way in ancient Korean society. Even the word, Korean call a scent is different. We call a scent as Hyanggi which means an energy of scent. To Korea, a scent is not just a molecule containing a scent. It is an energy. That is the definition of fragrance in Korea. We take care of our memories and discipline our mind through a fragrance. NALDA around the world aims at creating not only a scent, but also the energy of scent people would like to ask and listen the scent through the culture of Korea.

NALDA around the world creates the world of scent through traveling the world because our life is just like traveling and the nature of scent is also traveling. We are inspired by the memoir and the moment we have to capture them through the scent. The name, NALDA, means 'to fly' in Korean. Just like a scented molecule flying to us through air, we hope our dreams, memoirs and energy fly anywhere and anytime so that we are free to fly transcendently time and space. To capture the moment that a scent becomes an energy of scent is what we desire to be who we are. That's us. NALDA around the world.  

Handmade in Korea

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