My Beauty Diary Antarctica Glycoproteins Moisturizing Mask

Type: Facial Mask

My Beauty Diary Polar Series - Antarctica Glycoproteins Moisturizing Mask

Skin Type: Normal skin, dry

Target: Moisturizing, nourishing, good absorption

My Beauty Diary Antarctica Glycoproteins Moisturizing Mask

My Beauty Diary Mask laboratory starting from the base essence, the ultimate design perfect Fantastic essence, moist and silky formula, the unique fermented plant emulsification technology, without the burden of soft texture, easy to penetrate to moisturize the skin absorption, skin meet high repair moist feel protected

Antarctic glaciers glycoprotein extracted from the bottom of the iceberg Antarctic marine ooze, contains rich protein and complex carbohydrates and other substances, in addition to giving the skin an excellent sustained moisturizing repair and excellent drying properties, the better to enhance defense force reduction external stimuli on the skin damage.Moisture penetration [] Antarctic ice glycoprotein rich in sugars and amino acids necessary for the defense of sebum, fully moisturize rough and meticulous disorder horny, collaborative Instant soaked factor Aquaroad ™ x Tinysome xCosphingo ™ synergistic effect, allowing moisture absorption and then upgrade to show the ultimate moving supple feeling. [Water] sense of moist marine collagen with soft hair loose algae and other marine efficient moisturizing ingredients, with excellent skin-friendly features to provide superior lock up water storage mechanism to maintain skin deep moisturizing Young should continue through full run muscle.

No added preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, pigments, fluorescent agents and the like ingredients.

 3 Types of Skin Penetration

  • Aquaroad ensures increased hydration to skin barrier
  • Tinysome penetrates skin for better essence absorption
  • Contains the patented long-lasting moisture ingredient, Cosphingo
  • Use My Beauty Diary facial mask for protection against rough, dry skin
    1. After cleansing and toning, remove pearl sheet from mask and apply to face.
    2. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. 
    3. Gently massage any remaining essence into skin. No need to rinse off. Continue with rest of skincare routine.

    Box contains 8 sheets

    1 sheet x 23ml

    Made in Taiwan

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