About Beautibi - BEAUTIBI


BEAUTIBI is a boutique Asian skincare + cosmetics destination, created with the intention of introducing innovative products and brands from Taiwan and Korea, to the rest of the world.



Pronounced, "Beauty + Be", "bi" in Japanese means "beauty" and at BEAUTIBI, we focus on not only being beautiful, but feeling beautiful. Our mission is to introduce the best skincare products from Asia and make it easily accessible to the rest of the world. We focus on the quality and effectiveness of every product before it is released to BEAUTIBI users. We also want to make skincare and makeup affordable, so we are always looking for products that fit different lifestyles. We highly recommend patch testing products, as we know not everyone's skin will react the same to every product.

On a personal note, although we launched in June 2015 as a beauty box company, there's a small section on this website dedicated to skincare + beauty goodies that we consider a little speck of heaven. We hope to continue adding items to our online store, so hold on and join us on the BEAUTIBI journey!

Keep smiling and shine on!

Beauty Me, Beautibi

beautibi is the only beauty box company to bring you beauty and skincare brands from taiwan, japan and korea

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