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maskingdom taiwan no 1 facial mask company

Who: MasKingdom is Taiwan's No.1 Boutique Facial Mask company.

Origin: Taiwan

About: Persistence in being safe, effective and green. Dedicated to integrate Taiwan local factors, cultures, aesthetic and creativity. Building the world of beauty with memory of the five sense. Maskingdom is considered the most beautiful souvenir boutique facial mask.

Japanese Silk Mask Material: We use all-natural Japanese silk fabrics that are skin-friendly, highly permeable, retains water well, and provides very good coverage. It fits the contours of a user’s face perfectly and rapidly permeates effective ingredients evenly into the depths of the skin, repairing the facial skin tissues.

Bamboo Fiber Facial Masks: Bamboo fiber masks are knitted using nano-scale bamboo carbon fibers, which possess diverse functions ranging from giving warmth, adjusting the moisture level, anti-odor, cleansing, and blocking infrared and electromagnetic waves. Not only do these masks cleanse and firm pores, they also enhance circulation, speeds up metabolism to excrete waste materials, so skin can efficiently return to a normal, balanced state. Repairing the skin and firming pores by accelerating the access of essence.


maskingdom metropolitan series face mask sheets

The best beauty treasures for aristocratic ladies and socialites to attend important occasions. A treasure comparable to nest soup; it is the key element for success when refined ladies need to attend important event within a short period/space of time.

"I Wish"

maskingdom i wish series facial mask sheets

Soothing your skin with essential oil and natural extracts, I wish series offers you not only natural skin care, but also spreading best wishes to whoever use it.  To make life more essential through caring for your skin, by hoping for a more youthful skin by wishing for both mental and physical integration.

about maskingdom maskingdom stores
Brand Specialties: 
Safety Guarantees

1. No alcohol, no mineral oil, no animal ingredients, no Paraben preservative

2. To never use the 102 ingredients published by Japan’s Ministry of Welfare that causes dermatitis and other health related problems.

3. To never use the 26 hazardous perfumes certified by the EU.

4. The world’s only cosmetic brand that passed the safety test for 72 consecutive hours’ of treatment

Claim to Fame: In 2015, Taiwan's President, Mr. Ma Ying-Jeou, visited the MasKingdom Headquarters in Taipei to mark the celebration of this 7 year old female start up company in breaking  $100M in sales. MasKingdom is also the brand chosen by the Taiwan government when officials gift souvenirs to diplomats all over the world.

taiwan president ma ying jeou visits maskingdom hq to congratulate female entrepreneur and owner of TENART BIOTECH company in making over $100M in sales

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Origin: Taiwan


Affordable Luxury 
L`HERBOFLORE's mission is to offer consumers high quality skincare at affordable prices.  Every detail of our products, including packaging, mask material, ingredients and fragrance, are designed meticulously to be of the highest quality.
Integration of Technology & Art
L`HERBOFLORE elevates facial masks to be a combination of technology and works of art.  Our mask materials are thinner, and provide better fit to the skin than other brands of sheet masks, to allow maximum absorption of active ingredients.  For the packaging, we commissioned the most well-known illustrators in Taiwan to design vibrant and unique packaging for every single product.

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