Type: Beauty Box

a new year, a new you.

The design behind the name of our first box of 2017 comes from that feeling of peeling off old layers to bring out the new. Our design features the delta symbol to signify "change."

This box is also going to be a little different from our past boxes, as it won't include only skincare but some other amazing products as well. We hope our newest beauty box lets you make some beautiful changes in your daily care routine and welcome a brighter you.

Box Includes 9 different items (6 are travel size, 1 full size item + 2 sheet masks) introducing 2 new brands with a visit from familiar faces. 

  • SOOTHING + BRIGHTENING: Great for sensitive/combination skin
  • HYDRATING: Great for people with dry or normal skin
  • BALANCING: Great for people with oily/normal skin

Spoiler #1: 23.5N Travel Set

It's a revisit from a brand we launched late last year. From all the love that you guys have been giving 23.5N we decided to curate a small mini set of goodies, great for travel with canvas bag included for easy traveling!

Soothing + Brightening Travel Set ($24)

  • Red Pearl Whitening Serum
  • Rice Soothing Gel Mask
  • Oriental Beauty Tea Cleanser

Hydrating Travel Set ($24)

  • Red Pearl Barley Whitening Toner
  • Bamboo Cleanser
  • Bamboo Facial Cream (BEAUTIBI favorite!)

Balancing Travel Set ($24)

  • Oriental Beauty Tea Toner
  • Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Serum 
  • Beauty Tea Peppermint Cleanser

Spoiler #2: invi+apotheke Hair + Body Care Travel Set ($27)

  • Peat Hair Cleanser (50mL) - Organic aloe maculata leaf extract | 30% essential oils | peat water | pH 5.5
  • Peat Hair Treatment (50mL) - Organic aloe maculata leaf extract | 20% essential oils | peat water | pH 4.5
  • Peat Body Cleanser (50mL) - Organic aloe maculata leaf extract | 28.61% essential oils | peat water | pH 4.5

Spoiler #3: Thank You Farmer Be Beautiful in Base / BB / or CC Cream  ($29) 

as of 2/15/17 this product can be replaced with Thank You Farmer Peeling Cream should you wish to change this product out Just leave a note in the checkout section!

Spoiler #4: WISHING U Dried Bio-Cellulose Mask in Whitening and Firming ($8/ea)

This dried bio-cellulose mask is patent approved technology that was developed using natural fruit water of coconut. Its cooling effect and adhesiveness are excellent for skin cleansing. The WISHING U mask also has an outstanding water supplying effect that allows for comfortable maintenance of moisture for long hours with any skin irritation. Effects: Deep moisturizing, hydrating, cooling, soothing, sebum control, brightening and wrinkle improvement.


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