MasKingdom Chinese Medicine Top 5 Mask Set


MasKingdom Chinese Medicine Series

Using Chinese ingredients and formulas, the Chinese Medicine Series is great for people who enjoy herbal remedies to hydrate, repair and protect the skin.

Chinese Medi Roseroot & Liquorice Mask: The Roseroot & Liquorice contain essential elements that protect and moisturize the skin effectively. Roseroot contains many micronutrients required by the body. Licorice can replenish water, making the skin moist. It is excellent for lightening the skin tone and refining the skin texture.

Chinese Medi Cinnamon & Clove Mask: Cinnamon Twig & Clove are mild Chinese herbal medicine which repairs aged skin and smoothes fine lines. Guizhi is the twig of Cassia. Together with cloves, which have a mild medical effect, the combination enhances the qi, removes fine lines through miniaturization, and tightens the skin, resulting in babyish, soft and rosy skin.

Chinese Medi White Tea & Ginseng Mask: Ginseng & White Tea, which feature mild recovering essence for damaged skin, has great effects also towards tired & worn-out skin. White tea repairs the sensitive part of your skin and creates a perfect balance. Mild Korean Ginseng has a significant effect on fatigue and damaged skin, and lightens your skin.

Chinese Medi Green Bean & Sheng Di Huang Mask: The Sheng Di Huang & Green Bean are natural herbal remedy for anti-acne and ideal for dry skin type. Sheng di huang (unprocessed rehmannia) is a type of herb with a cooling nature, and similar to mung beans, it has a cooling effect that can relieve heat, cool down the blood, and eliminate heat toxins from the face. It is recommended for dry skin and good for making the skin clear, clean and radiant.

Four Substance Formula Mask: Red jujube is excellent for nourishing blood. Angelicae Radix helps to remove speckle. Radix Rehmanniae Preparata relieves irritated skin. Rose moisturizes skin cells. Red jujubes can supplement and adjust the qi and blood. Angelica root can remove dark spots from the skin. Processed rehmannia has a cooling nature and is good for water balance. Rose nourishes the qi. The four substances together can revive the skin, and make the skin moist and glowing, creating a beautiful complexion.


[1]: Whitening [2]: Moisturizing [3]: Anti-Aging [4] Repairing/Sensitive Skin [5]: Oil-Control/Acne [12]: All in One


1. Open packet and unfold mask, pulling on the flaps.

2. Press gently with fingertips to set in place over face.

3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, making sure it does not dry on your face.

4. Remove mask and massage excess essence into the skin. Do not rinse off.


30ml each mask

Made in Taiwan

Type: Facial Mask

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