MasKingdom Hydra Feel Optimum Hydration Mask


Type: Facial Mask

MasKingdom Metropolitan Series

Please note this mask expires 07/25/17

Repairs and moisturizes the skin

The ultra moisture rich mask deeply nourishes, revitalizes & replenishes your skin.

Main heading【Le Sujet Sensible】Sensitive character, vulnerable heart. Any slight commotion won’t ease your mind, as being frees and easy has never befriended you. An unpredictable scenario can’t draw your attention. To you, acquiring only never-ending company could be considered as a safe love. The sense of safety needs complete reinforcement.

About the facial mask: Rejuvenating moisturizing factor provides an immediate moisturizing effect to your skin. Moisture-locking magnets and hyaluronic acid form a natural moisture-locking shield, maintaining the water balance of cuticles and easing any discomfort.

Main Ingredients:

Rhododendron Ferrugineum Leaf Cell Culture Extract、Rosa damascene、Sodium hyaluronate、Pueraria lobata root extract


Made in Taiwan

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