MasKingdom I Wish Series - Lucky Charm Mask


Type: Facial Mask

To Gain an Immediate Victory "Lucky Charm" Mask No. 02

Does your skin look dull and dark recently? Orange essence and tranexamic acid give you a brilliant complexion.

Product Description

Resveratrol: Alcohol, also known as red grapes, rich in polyphenols, can prevent skin aging, improve skin protection force, improve skin dull, healthy and bright.

This is a 2 step face mask, meaning you use the facial sheet first. A moisture serum is included, which you will use after masking. Brighten your beautiful skin today! 

Maskingdom masks are made of Japanese natural silkworm silk; Invisible Mask which feels like the body's "second skin." High permeability, active ingredients deeply penetrate into the skin for increased moisture and hydration.

  1. Carefully remove mask from package. Separate mask from plastic and apply to clean, dry face, starting from the top.
  2. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Remove mask and apply extra essence from bag onto face for extra moisture.

Beautibi Tip:

Use mask after toning to better absorb mask essence. When you are done using the mask on your face, place mask around neck or even your knees and elbows. If you like, you may also dip the mask back into the bag with the extra essence and then apply anywhere you like for an additional benefit. Never waste beauty!


MasKingdom is a boutique Taiwanese company focused on using only safe, and effective facial mask free from alcohol, mineral oil, animal ingredients and parabens. Their combination of using local elements, culture, and artistic creativity has made them one of the most recognized and coveted brands in the world. Read more about MasKingdom here.

Made in Taiwan

1 sheet x 30ml

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