MasKingdom Secret Recipe Hypoallergenic Ultra Comforting Mask


Type: Facial Mask

MasKingdom Secret Recipe Series

NOTE: Masks have expiration date of 10/01/2017

Hypoallergenic Ultra Comforting Mask

Makes your skin feel soft, moisturized and detoxified. All skin type available.

MasKingdom's Number System Main Function

[1]: Whitening [2]: Moisturizing [3]: Anti-Aging [4] Repairing/Sensitive Skin [5]: Oil-Control/Acne [12]: All in One

Hsi Shih Skin-tendering Type

Main Caption:

“Having an unblemished face is the prerequisite of being popular. Yeast is added to extract activating factors, relieving and softening every inch of your skin.”

Mask Introduction:

【Spring and Autumn Period‧ Wan Hsi Sha of Hsi Shih】

To possess a beautiful face that makes it desirable, as Wan Hsi Sha of Hsi Shih, whose reflected face in the water is so smooth that even the fish are reluctant to leave.

The inclusion of the yeast extract activation factor eases and softens every inch of your skin. The nutritious yeast extract activation factor eases discomfort, prevents allergies, moisturizes/nourishes/repairs/rejuvenates your skin, regulates the balance between oil and water, increases the water content of the outer skin, and makes your skin tender, smooth, and younger in appearance. Water-based ceramide strengthens and repairs your skin, eases discomfort, prevents allergies, improves the skin complexion, increases elasticity, and strengthens its protective ability. Rose hydrosol effectively increases the moistness of your skin, eases discomfort, and enhances whiteness.

Water-soluble collagen and Vitamin B5, in coordination with the collagen, softens your skin. Allantoin enhances the absorptivity to nutrients and improves roughness. Hyaluronic acid and oceanic moisturizing micro-membrane lock in a great amount of water molecules and maintains long-term hydration.


1. Open packet and unfold mask, pulling on the flaps.

2. Press gently with fingertips to set in place over face.

3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, making sure it does not dry on your face.

4. Remove mask and massage excess essence into the skin. Do not rinse off.


Made in Taiwan

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