MasKingdom Taiwanese Aboriginal Soapberry & Bird's Nest Fern Facial Mask


This mask adds pure natural soapberry and bird's nest fern extracts which can moisten and whitening skin, make you looked glamorous and attractive. 

Each mask is individually packaged in a 9-layer foil sachet designed to keep the mask sheet & serum fresh and highly effective. Each foil packaging showcases exclusive, stunningly beautiful artwork inspired by Taiwanese Aboriginal culture, printed with environmentally friendly soy ink.


【Whitening and glittering "masaq"】 Improve darkened skin, and avoid being a “yellow-face” housewife

“The face, rather than the mood, cannot be seen to be yellow!”

Taroko People: Live in areas around Hualien, Taitung, and Southeastern Taiwan.

Mask Introduction: Taroko People

In the language of the Taroko People, masaq means “sapindus”, more commonly called “soapberry”. In days when there was no soap available, women of Taroko used soapberry to wash their clothes, and later, they accidentally found out that they had tender and white hands. In fact, it's rich in vitamin C that is stored in the sapindus that enhances the skin’s whiteness and sensitivity.

After using all your energy in the context of your daily life, don't forget to constantly maintain your beautiful face, by retaining the mask’s appealing presence once again!

Taiwanese Aboriginal Soapberry & Bird's Nest Fern Facial Mask, with its sapindus rich in abundant vitamin C, has an effect of making the skin lighter; bird's nest fern possesses a moisturizing function, making your skin appear translucent; tranexamic acid is added to make your skin appear lustrous, thereby allowing you to have perfect skin, and all the while enjoying your wonderful life.

  1. On cleansed and toned face, tap serum into skin until nicely absorbed.
  2. Remove mask from package and apply to skin, starting from nose area.
  3. Avoid eye area. In 15-20mins, remove mask.
  4. Use once or twice a week for best results.

Mask x 1 x 30ml

Made in Taiwan

Type: Facial Mask

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