Sexylook 2 Step Synergy Gold Repairing Moisturizing


Type: Facial Mask

The newest masks from Taiwan brand, Sexylook, is here! This innovative mask comes in 2 parts for better fit and targeted concerns. Made of obsidian with fantastic moisturizing factors. Moisturizing essence and 100% cotton mask adheres comfortably to skin. Specially made for dry and dull skin, with added obsidian and hyaluronic acid. 2 step mask achieves both moisturizing and brightening effects while firming at the same time! First intelligent mask allows you to use masks separately or together. 

Step 1: Upper - Black Mask (20ml) 

Obsidian Black Mask contains super moisturizing essence, which has several times of efficiency, and 100% tightly fits onto skin through a 100% of natural cotton cloth.
For dryness and darkness, importing moisturizing essence, such as gold leaf and hyaluronic acid, is enhanced. To be concentrated on supplement, skin will be full of water and luminous.

Made of obsidian with fantastic moisturizing factors, moisturizing essence is close fitted to skin. Specially made for dry and dull skin, with added obsidian and hyaluronic acid. Moisturizing, balancing oil and hydration, and tighten pores in T-zones and double C-zones. 

Step 2: Lower - White Mask (12ml)

V-type Extension for U-zone which lifts and firms skin.

The elastic membrane with a special 3D fiber structure contains a lot of concentrated firming essence.The mask can fit closely to the face from the chin to the ears in order to achieve the "effect of physical firming". Apply with the firming ingredient of polypeptides to firm your skin.

Mask is made of extremely stretchy cotton and firming essence with lifting design from the chin to the ears insures a snug but comfortable fit.  With added various peptides and collagen, get beautiful moisturized skin. Firming, tightening and improve double-chin!

Sexylook 2 step mask info

  1. Apply top portion on cleansed face. Adjust accordingly.
  2. Attach bottom mask by hooking to ears using ear hooks. Adjust to chin area where added V-shape and chin lift is desired.
  3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove and discard.
  4. Rub remaining essence on face in circular motions to absorb into skin. Sweep skin in upwards motions from chin to help with firming.

Use 2 to 3 times a week for best results!

Box includes 3 masks

Made in Taiwan

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