Simplistic Must Sun Cream SPF 33 PA+++


Type: Sun Cream

Must Sun Cream's UV protection index is the most ideal in daily life, verified in journals and thesis advice from dermatologists. The color of Must is non artificial color and is due to yellow/red iron oxide. This iron oxide was directly imported from pure iron oxide and no coated with silicon and mica. 

Simplistic's Must Sun Cream is formulated at SPF 33 for a reason.

"A common misconception is that a higher SPF number will guarantee more protection. However, as the SPF number increases, the percentage of additional protection actually decreases. For example, SPF 45 offers just 2 percent more coverage than SPF 30. In fact, a generous amount of SPF 30 sunscreen is much  more effective in preserving healthy skin than a meager amount of SPF 100." -- /

UVA/UVB protection at an SPF of at least 30 blocks 97% of the sun's ray and is recommended for daily application.

Must Sun Cream is: Silicon free, non-nano, 100% physical barrier

On clean face, apply three pea sizes of sun cream on skin as the last step of skincare routine before heading outdoors. Sun cream should be reapplied every 2 hours for most protection.



Made in Korea

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