Start! Essential Beauty Kit (Oily Skin)

Type: Beauty Box

We have put together a starting beauty kit of all our favorite beauty essentials. Our beauty kit includes 3 carefully curated products that can be used to start any skincare routine or added into a current routine.

These essentials won't overwhelm you and will only provide a balanced routine that will help you on your skincare journey.

  • Simplistic Begin Cleanser: made up of 100% Japanese Cyprus Water and real honey (not extract), this is a low pH cleanser that will not strip skin.
  • 23.5N Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Toner: a balancing and purifying toner, that will keep pores clean and skin fresh.
  • HYGGEE Fresh: an all in one essence/serum/moisturizer product that is most suitable for those with oily/dehydrated skin. A perfect last moisturizer step as we head into warmer weather.

Simplistic: Made in Korea

HYGGEE: Made in Korea

23.5N: Made in Taiwan

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