Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence

Wish Formula

Type: Facial Mask

Panda Eye Essence Mask

Highly concentrated Pure Vitamin C10%, Vitamin E, several advanced fermentation ingredients (honey, mistletoe, soybean, bacillus, licorice, gastrodia elata) helps to keep the moisture and nutrients in the skin. Panda Eye Essence is great for brightening, whitening and firming in the eye area. 

3 FREE (no parabens, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors).

Key Functions:

  • Brightening
  • Nourishing
  • Anti-Wrinkle


  1. On clean and toned face, open packet and gently remove mask.
  2. Apply under eyes, rounder side facing nose. *this is up to personal preference
  3. Leave on for 20-30 minutes
  4. Remove mask, gently dab any remaining residue into the skin.

2 masks x 3ml ea (one for each under eye)

10 sets / Box

Made in Korea

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